SO many reasons to make the switch to SO Recycle

Put simply, SO Recycle want to buy your waste. We’ve got a fleet of trucks on standby, ready to collect your recyclables at any time. Alternatively, you can send it to our high security site which is always ready to receive deliveries. SO Recycle use the latest kit, meaning our average time to offload a truck is just 10 minutes. Our 24/7 manned security gatehouse ensures maximum protection with minimum delays in processing your waste.

  • 14 Day Payment Terms Available
  • 1 Hour Response Emergency Support
  • Equipment Installed in ONE DAY
  • Waste Transfer Notes Issued SAME DAY
  • SO Simple Switching Service
SO Recycle. Probably the Most Responsive Waste Company in the World!
CALL US 24-7 on 023 8026 5254 or EMAIL [email protected]



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You don’t even need to speak to your existing supplier, start making more out of your print recycling today with SO Recycle